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Before qualification as a Psychotherapist I worked as a Solicitor in the City of London for 30 years. When I retired from the law I was departmental head of a major City Law firm. I qualified as a psychotherapist by obtaining both an M.A. and a Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy from CCPE/University of Northampton, I am registered with the UKCP as both a psychotherapist and as a Supervisor. I am also a member of the BACP. In addition to the above I hold a post graduate diploma in clinical hypnotherapy and am a member of the BSCH. I also hold a Diploma in psychotherapy in gender and sexual minorities (GSM) which is approved by COSRT and validated by Middlesx University. You can contact me by using the contact form below my picture.

My Standard Terms for Supervision are below:

The Agreement for Supervision of Psychotherapy and Counselling with Derek Williams

The agreement for supervision is set out below a copy will be given to you if you request, if you have any questions please raise these either at that meeting the next one. The terms of the agreement appear rather “formal” – this is to ensure that any misunderstandings can be avoided and that both you and I are able to concentrate on the supervision process and not other factors.


Supervisee name/address:

Starting Fee per session:                                                      [which will be reviewed on /amended to £ per session]

Supervision sessions will be held at [ ] and be [ ] minutes in length. Each session will end [ ] minutes after the start time allotted and the full fee will be payable even if the session is not [ ] minutes in length.

You have committed to a minimum period of [ ] weeks Supervision (the “set period”).If Supervision continues beyond that set period (or any other subsequent set period) without a further set period being agreed then either of us may give a minimum notice of six weeks to the other terminating Supervision.


Supervision sessions will continue until either of us has given the other prior written notice terminating this agreement

If you are a member of a Supervision Group the same terms and condition will apply save that if the number of participants in the Supervision Group falls below the number initially agreed for more than three consecutive sessions then either of us may end this Agreement.

You will give not less than four days notice by text or email if you wish to cancel a session (which will include a replacement session as described below) if you either do not give notice or give less than four days notice then you will pay the full fee for any missed session. A maximum of six sessions in any twelve month period may be cancelled by you and fees will remain due in full for any sessions cancelled in excess of that number. For the avoidance of doubt If you miss a session or give less notice than specified above to cancel the fee for that session remains due in full from you.

If I have to cancel a session you will be notified by either by telephone, text or email and no fees will be due from you for any session so cancelled. Attempts will be made to arrange a replacement session prior to the next session due but no guarantee in that regard can be given. The fee will be due from you for any such replacement session arranged.

Supervision is confidential other than in exceptional circumstances as laid down in the BACP and or UKCP code of ethics. However, you should note that my work is also supervised in accordance with the Rules of the BACP and UKCP, that supervision is also confidential. I will only otherwise breach confidentiality if I believe that one of your clients is at risk, I believe that you intend, or are likely to, harm either yourself or another person, if I am required to do so by Court Order or under statute or you consent or instruct me to do so (if you have an arrangement with a third party or organisation to pay your fees direct to me, it will be deemed that you have consented to my disclosing such information that is requested by them to me for the period during which they pay my fees on your behalf). If I form a belief that one of your clients is at risk or you are likely to harm either yourself or another then (if in the circumstances I believe that it is appropriate to do so) I will make reasonable attempts to speak with you before I disclose information to others.

If you arrive for a session under the influence of non-prescribed drugs, alcohol or behave in an overly abusive or physically violent way I may cancel the session immediately, the full fee for that session will remain due from you.

Fees are as agreed from time to time and are payable at the beginning of each session in either cash or by cheque only unless you have opted and I have agreed to accept pre-payment of them.

You will prepare for each supervision session in advance and bring with you such notes, recordings or other items that are necessary in order for supervision to be undertaken with regard to that particular client.

You will maintain Professional Indemnity Insurance in the minimum sum of £1,000,000 for each and every claim at all times during which you receive supervision from me and will notify me in the event that insurance lapses for any reason. If you are still in training with a training body then you affirm that the body is accredited as a training body by either the UKCP or BACP or some other professional body that I have confirmed to you in either email or in writing is acceptable.

Iif you are employed by a third party or organisation you affirm that the training body, third party or organisation maintains and provides or provides cover for you under a Professional Indemnity Insurance policy to a minimum of £1,000,000 for each and every claim.

The terms of this agreement may be varied from time to time in writing between us (and the term “in writing” shall include correspondence between us through email).

The rules and regulations that are issued or published by UKCP in relation to supervision of psychotherapists are incorporated into this Agreement.

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